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AC drives

DC Drives

Servo Drives

Soft Starters

HMI & PLC Hardware

Harmonic Filters

Thermal Controllers

MV panel Meters

All Kinds of power supplies

PCB service

Elevator Mother Boards

PCB & VVVF Drives


  1. Temperature Controllers
  2. MOV Plates (for SPIKE protection)
  3. Motion controller, flow meters
  4. Jumbo running LED displays
  5. Crane wireless remote, Hoist/long travel drive
  6. APFC service & panel supplies
  7. Encoders & feedback unit deals & services
  8. Preventive maintenance contract
  9. SSR solid state relays dealing
  10. Metal detector sensors NPN PNP Dealing
  11. Proximity sensors NPN PNP dealing
  12. Photo sensors NPN PNP dealing
  13. All type MV panel meters, pressure controllers
  14. Active harmonic filters (any make)
  15. Vcb emergency power supply service
  16. All make SMPS, any type of power supply
  17. Battery charger unit servicing
  18. Textile industry drives & controller equipments
  19. Wireless transmitter / receivers
  20. Kvarh panel/demand controller deals
  21. project/modernizaton as per requirements


  1. Poly bag machinery equipments
  2. Paper cup manufacturing companies
  3. Cotton fabrication manufacturers
  4. Medical equipments manufacturers
  5. Harbour crane services equipments
  6. Plastic moulding machinery equipments
  7. Carbon brush machinery equipments 
  8. Elevator & escalator manufacturer/ supplier
  9. Textile spinning, OE, Card speed frame machines 
  10. Paper industry boards & HMI display services
  11. Metal wire industry equipments services
  12. Car spare parts industries equipments services
  13. Crane industry hoist /long travel motor VFD
  14. Paint manuf industry dopping program PCB
  15. Fasteners industry machinery equipments
  16. Elevator & escalator mother board
  17. crusher / Stone plant machinery equipments
  18. Cement manufacturers machinery 
  19. Steel fabrication machinery equipments
  20. Cement concrete batching plant equipments
  21. Granite polish machinery equipments

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